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Get to Know Us.

We’ve provided this new feature to take you on a walk through our greatest moments in the history of 1 on 1 Personal Development. The best part? We’re just getting started.

  1. 1 on 1 Personal Development was created as Faith Vis-Zions

    We started small and primarily focused on providing services within the faith based community. We created WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) Computer Literacy 101. This program was to assist the senior and others that were computer illiterate to overcome their fear of technology.

  2. “Blessing Before Praise” was published, promotions

    Blessings Before Praise was written from the mindset of a 9-year-old little girl needs to receive something, seen in others and wanted so much-love. She searched so long and hard but it kept eluding her. There are many lessons within these pages some of pain and agony. Others of strength and fortitude and then, of course, there is the victory over the fear, shame, and guilt that she was bound to throughout her life. She found the missing piece she had been lost and it was the love of God and self. The chains of the past were finally loosed and she could now step into the glorious future that awaited her. One of the greatest lessons discovered was Blessing Before Praise was not for me but for the countless readers that also would be freed. It has truly been a blessing to them.

  3. We moved on to Ministry

    We found that there was more to be done so we moved on to Ministry. We not only found ministry of service to be exciting but it also served as the doorway to our passion. Facilitating, Teaching and Serving.

  4. Prison Ministry was born

    Prison Ministry was born, we joined with FUN and Burning Bush Ministries providing personal hygiene products, Dial soap and volunteering at events when requested to Whitworth Women’s Facility in Hartwell, Ga., Arrendale Women’s Facility in Habersham County and volunteering at events when requested.

  5. We went where others feared to go into the community

    The community is the headquarters for recidivism, intervention, and prevention. It is where families are broken up, kids become indoctrinated to drugs, violence, incarceration, and communities are overrun with drugs and crime. In order for clients to locate their missing piece(s) we went where others feared to go, into the community. We joined with community schools, local police and elected officials to establish annual night outs, neighborhood watch groups, build community camaraderie and safety. We addressed petty crimes, and injustice all intricate to reducing recidivism, and juvenile delinquency.

  6. New partnerships, programs, and doors of opportunity

    2016 was a great year for 1 on 1 Personal Development. There were new partnerships, programs, and doors of opportunity. We gained entry into the United State Penitentiary of Atlanta, coaching for the “Great Debate” USPA residents vs. students from Morris Brown. It was preparation for the debate that “Speak It Up” was created and implemented. Additionally, we facilitated Healing Community classes which gave birth to the Family Reunification Program for the residents inside the “Great Walls”. During 2016 we also entered Clayton County Transition Center providing biblical, chaplaincy and career services, volunteers on Family Day, as well as clothes and personal items. Further advancements were made in community development. We were instrumental in collecting and distributing 47,514 bars of dial soap to 22 State Prisons, 400 bottles of water for Flint Michigan residents and hosted a Coalition Against Homeless forum.

  7. Prison reform, recidivism, and juvenile delinquency work

    We continued with prison reform, recidivism, and juvenile delinquency. We realized that homelessness, unemployment, medical, mental illness are major problems returning citizens and at-risk youth and single parents face. Many lacked skills, training, and adequate clothing. To combat these issues 1 on 1 Personal Development joined forces with Dekalb County Steering Committee, Dekalb Housing, DeKalb Probation, and Juvenile Courts, Dekalb Workforce, Good Will, SMILE to name a few to develop real-time solutions and networks to address these issues.

  8. The strengthening of our online presence

    With an effort to capitalize on the technological resources available to us, we focused on strengthening our reach and online resources by improving our online infrastructure. Now, with a faster, better-looking website, we hope 2019 and beyond will benefit from our work today.

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