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About Us

Learn about our company and our amazing director

Charlie M.H. Wilson is a widow; a proud and loving mother of 3, grandmother to 21, great-grandmother to 24 and great, great grandmother to 2. She attended Atlanta Public Schools System, Metro Atlanta Skills Center and later New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary completing a study of Biblical Ministry in December 2015. She is currently in training and serves as a Chaplain at Clayton County Transition Center. Charlie is an author, Blessing Before Praise and contributor to the LWSC Anthology, 2nd edition, Yeah I Know Lord! Nobody Asked Me.


February 2008, she retired from the City of Atlanta to accept her most prized and current position as “a servant” of the Lord, God most high. She serves in various capacities as Minister, Christian Educator, and Facilitator for several ministries within and outside of her place of worship.



In addition to being CEO/Founder of 1 on 1 Personal Development. Charlie is affiliated with various organizations that enable, encourage and empower the lost, incarcerated and fearful such as Family Unification Network, Prison Ministry, Atlanta Federal Penitentiary, Mountain View Assistant Living Facility, Grace Community Health Nursing Facility, Rehoboth Family & Community Services, MHT Family Life Center, Images by Imani.



Open Hand-Meals on Wheels, Habitat Atlanta, Gilgal Inc., Hands on Atlanta-Civic Leadership Program, Maximum Impact, CASA, State of Georgia Healing Community and I Choose Mentoring, Grace Community Church, Peace Baptist, Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist.



Ladz of Mohican Trail and Neighborhood Watch and Neighborhood Improvement


Board Affiliations:

Served on Board of Directors for Family Unification Network, Inc., 2014-2015, Gilgal Inc., March 2010-March 2013, LWSC Choir, 2013 – 2014 and President of The Savvy Six Authors, March 2013 – May 2015.


“Life’s accomplishments are meaningless if they fail to point someone to Jesus!”

About Our Company

1 on 1 Personal Development was established in 2011 and incorporated as a 501c3, not for profit organization in 2017. We are currently governed by a twelve (12) member Board of Directors.


Since it’s inception we have been diligent in reaching out to both male and female clients between the ages of 10 – 110. Statistics have shown it is during the early formative years that our youth are at risk of teenage pregnancy, Alcohol and SUD’s, STD’s and abuse (mental, physical and Spiritual). In addition, statistics have shown that students in certain demographics are identified with a relative accuracy of who will enter into the penal system whether as a juvenile offender or adult by grade three.


Our programs are designed to intervene reducing these statistics before our youth reach this stage. They are designed to reduce recidivism among returning citizens, to strengthen the returning citizen and to reunite families, where permissible. To accomplish our mission we made a conscious decision to step outside the box of one size fit all, cookie cutter solutions. We have determined to incorporate various formats to enable, encourage and empower our clients such as interactive activities/classes, seminars, workshops, motivational speeches, spoken word, monologues, videos, Holistic and Biblical counseling.

What We Believe:

  • Furthermore, it is our belief at 1 on 1 Personal Development that it is possible for every individual to live a life without fear, stress and depression and day to day issues that arise from home, school, workplace etc. 
  • We believe that every individual can live bold, free and victorious simply by retraining thoughts and beliefs. Is what you’re thinking, speaking–positive or negative!   
  • We believe enabling, encouraging and empowering individuals to renew their minds with positivity and retrain negative thought processes, lives and the course of destiny can effectively be changed resulting in wholeness of Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit.
  • Wholeness of Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit is accomplished?

    • Through up-close and honest examination of self to discover the root of who, what, when, why, where and how—we do what we do and became who we are.
    • Through focusing on removing and replacing negative unproductive behavior and habits with positive and productive ones.
    • Through empowerment—develop positive and effective plan which encompasses realistic and attainable goals.
    • Through establishing goals that enable and encourage success in tearing down the obstacles and barriers prohibiting pieces from properly fitting into the puzzle—their life!
    • Celebrating success of locating the missing pieces—now being whole and complete

If you’re ready to get started, let us help you put the pieces of your puzzle back together.