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Services and Specialties

Everyone needs a helping hand. Our services are primarily for women from 10 - 110 years of age that have been, are and will be in danger of physical/mental/spiritual deficiencies, and victims of sexual abuse, alcohol and drug dependency.

Our specialty is identifying the missing piece of the puzzle needed to become whole, healthy, and wise by incorporating biblical counseling with a variety of seminars, workshops and 1 on 1 sessions specifically designed for individuals/groups to identify the source of their deficiency.

Secondly to encourage acknowledgment of deficiency, provide tools to enable acceptance and a responsibility to change and finally to become empowered to move towards application of provided tools and techniques that will effectively heal from the inside out resulting in wholeness, health and wealth.

Our Services


  • Designs with the client in mind
  • Free 30 minute consultation


  • Timely
  • Knowledgeable


  • Appointments
  • Seminar/workshops


  • Small/large groups, individuals, churches, non-profit and for profit organizations.

Health, Wealth and Wisdom

  • Building for a Better Future (Financial Planning)
  • Real Talk – Grief
  • Stress – The Silent Killer

We custom design your event to meet your specific need and schedule. We are available to facilitate your special event, create one just for you or one of ours.

Our Specialities

Personal Growth

  • Life Coaching
  • Integrity

Conflict Resolution

  • Domestic Violence
  • Road Rage


  • I Choose Mentoring
  • Girl Talk
  • Healing Communities
  • Sister of Sanctity
  • State Prison/Transitional Centers

Identity Recovery

  • Who Am I
  • ABC’s of Self-Esteem (Affirm, Believe and Challenge)

Motivational Speaker

  • Eliminating the Myths of Writing
  • From Thoughts in the Heart to Words in a Book
  • My Name is 0-9
  • Speak It Up
  • Spoken Word/Monologue
  • Women Day Events


  • Chaplaincy/Ministry Services
  • Christian Education
  • Prodigal Daughter
  • Retreats/Revivals
  • Women of the Bible

Other Services

Youth Panel

  • A discussion of concerns and issues our youths and teens face today

Community Service

  • Youths volunteer within the community, organizations and non-profits

Talent Show

  • Express Yourself (song, musical instruments, acting, modeling, art, etc

Sports Activities

  • Gender neutral-baseball, softball, football, soccer, skating, track

Leadership Classes

  • Volunteerism, summer employment

What Makes Us Different:

Our service! We provide our clients with individual custom designed workshops, seminars, conferences to fit their specific needs. We offer professional service with an eye to detail and customer satisfaction.

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